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Audra Fuest Plant-Based Health Advisor


Audra Fuest

Plant-Based Health Coach & Mom of Two

I have my Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate from eCornell and T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies.


Hey ladies!
Are you sick of feeling foggy and weighed down?

Discover how you can go start feeling present and empowered by eating plant-based.

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You can adopt a plant-based lifestyle and feel present and confident without

feeling deprived.

I help women eat plant-based so they stop feeling foggy and weighed down and start feeling present and confident. 

I'm a mom of 2 and have been vegetarian/vegan for over 10 years.  But I didn't feel so healthy and fulfilled that whole time.  

When I finally changed the way I was eating and really learned how and what to eat, I not only transformed my body, but I also felt more present in my life and transformed the relationship with my body, my mind, and my overall being.  I gained confidence and felt so proud of myself for what I had accomplished.  I can help you do the same.

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Nice to meet you!    
I'm Audra.


How do we do it?

My philosophy

So first of all, I don’t believe in fishing. Second of all, I work mainly with women… BUT, if there was a metaphor for how I coach my clients, this would be it! ⁣⁣


"Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime."

I could easily start cooking and delivering meals to your door. Or tell you exactly what to eat.  But what happens tomorrow, next week, next month… when we stop working together?  You’re no closer to your health goals and still left asking yourself “what do I eat now?”

My programs revolve around learning and practice.

I will teach you how to identify healthy foods, how to manage your cravings and temptations, how to choose the perfect recipe. I'll give you practical tools and offer food and recipe suggestions... and then send you out to practice what you've learned. And when we're done, you're going to feel so much pride in your accomplishments and so much power in your food decisions.

Identify Road Blocks.

Build Confidence.

Set Expectations.

Set Goals.

Learn the Health Basics and the Not-so-Basics.

Identify and Manage Cravings & Temptations. 

Get a Personalized

Step-by-Step Action Plan.  

Evaluate Setbacks.

Celebrate Accomplishments.


You can eat as much delicious food as you want without feeling deprived.

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