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When I started eating vegetarian, I said

"I'm just going to try it for 7 days." 

By the end of the 7 days I was so amazed at how much easier it actually was than what I thought!

When I started eating vegan, I said

"I'm just going to try it for 7 days." 

By the end of the 7 days I was so amazed at how much easier it actually was than what I thought!


Sensing a theme?

I felt so incredibly empowered and ready to move forward!

Come on, Superhero...

Let's empower you!

7-day Plant-Based


Starts June 8th.

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Hi!  I'm Audra.  

I'm a Plant-Based health coach and I look and feel so much different now than I used to.

I finally was able to wake up to life by eating plant-based.  

It took me years to decide to make changes, understand what changes I needed to make, and to implement them. 


I cut back on processed foods. I ate more food from the ground. I cooked at home more often. I said goodbye to takeout.


But I did it a little at a time.


This program is the first step to get back into your body and have control over your food choices.  

You can commit to 7 days, can't you?


What's included?

11 days total​

Wait, I thought you said 7?  It's 4 days of PREPARATION (June 9 - 12) and 7 days of EATING PLANT-BASED (June 13 - 19). You gotta prep!

Custom Meal Plan (with recipes)

If you don't like beans, your plan won't include beans! If you don't like broccoli, your plan won't include broccoli.  You get the idea. Plus a customized grocery list (on request) based on your plan.

Live & Pre-recorded Videos - Practical Tools 

I'll teach you about label reading, batch/meal planning and prepping, and give you tips for managing snack cravings.

Live & Pre-recorded Videos - Mindset Tools

Goal-setting, getting your head in the game and keeping it there! Includes intro to meditation.

Private Facebook Group for those signed up 

Daily posts, demos, support, tips, accountability.  I'll be answering your questions. 

Text messaging access to me

Accountability and support is hugely important, so you’ll be able to contact me with questions.

One (optional) 30-minute one-on-one coaching call with me

Let's talk about roadblocks and questions and I'll give you personalized tips.

 100% commitment and dedication from me to you,
every step of the way. 
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What's next?

After you purchase, look for an email from me with next steps.

** Just a reminder for those with health conditions. You should seek medical advice before participating and/or making any large changes in your eating habits.  **

Questions?  Get in touch.

Audra Fuest, Plant-Based Health Coach

(917) 815-5610

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Click here to join my Facebook Group for women that want to gain energy confidence by eating more plant-based foods.

Are you ready to try eating plant-based for 7 days so that you can say to yourself "Wow - I can totally do this!"



I only do this 4 times a year!

Preparation: June 9 - 12
Plant-Based Eating: June 13 - 19

Limited space available. Get your spot now!

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  • Where can I expect to be at the end of the program?
    We will work together to create an actionable, realistic, attainable goal for the end of the 12-week program.
  • Will I lose weight on the program?
    This is not a weight loss program and I can't guarantee it, but if you do the work and embrace a plant-based lifestyle, you may lose weight.I did!
  • What if I don't want to go fully vegan?
    It's your life and your body. This is what worked for me. If you don't want to go fully vegan, that's your choice. I will only ever offer vegan options and steer the sessions in that direction. We can discuss the best way to work together.
  • I want to work with you but I think 12 weeks is too long/short. Do you have other options?
    Send me a message. I am working on other programs and may be able to customize something for you.
  • What is the time commitment?
    This includes up to two one-on-one calls per week (one 45-minute call and one optional 20-minute call). Outside of that, it's up to you to do the work involved to make a lifestyle change.
  • Is this a one and done program? Will I ever need to make additional coaching investments?
    At the end of the program, we will talk about next steps to keep you on the Plant-Based Path on your own. As with any change in lifestyle, you will make mistakes and have setbacks, but the goal is to give you the tools you need to be able to live a plant-based Lifestyle healthily, long-term. You may feel you need additional support after the 12 weeks and we can discuss that as well.
  • Is there additional investment involved?
    When you change the way you’re eating, that means changing what you buy and how you cook. This can include actual food, as well as accessories. You will receive the Top 5 Tools for the Trade for Going Plant-Based and we will assess which items are actually needed right off the bat and down the road.
  • Do I really get unlimited text messaging access to you?
    The short answer is yes. But the goal is to set you up and give you the tools to be able to make your own in-the-moment decisions. I'm here to support you in any way I can... just please don't blow up my phone.
  • Do you offer a payment plan?
    Send me anemailand we may be able to work out a plan which would give up to 3 installments.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    No. But I’m 100% committed to my clients. If you purchase the program, do the work, and feel like it didn’t live up to your expectations, we can schedule a one-on-one call to help you reach your goals.
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