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I felt like I was walking in a cloud most of my life. I visited so many doctors over the years testing my thyroid, my iron levels, my state of mind. Nothing seemed to help and not once did anyone recommend changing what or how I eat. I even did an overnight at a sleep clinic and the guy suggested I just drink more coffee! 

I expected that when I went vegetarian in 2010, I would surely feel better. Not really. I expected that when I went vegan in 2012, I would surely feel better. Not really. I always felt sluggish and my body stored fat. I was constantly hungry, sleepy, I hated my body, and I felt stuck. I knew it was the way I was eating but I didn’t know what to do and didn’t really have the motivation to do anything about it. 

At 39 years old, I was 3 months pregnant after two miscarriages and something clicked inside of me - impending motherhood, turning 40, general disgust with how I was feeling, and intense fear. I had this person growing inside of me and I knew it was time to take care of that baby, and also to care enough about myself to change, especially if I was going to be able to deal with the sleep and energy deprivation of a new baby. So I researched, read, studied and I learned to let go of my lifelong food dependencies to transform my life.



  • I drastically decreased the amount of processed foods in my refrigerator. 

  • I cooked more.

  • I ordered less takeout.

  • I ate more vegetables, nuts, and whole foods. 


GUESS WHAT HAPPENED! I came out of the cloud, had way more energy, lost body fat, was more full at each meal, and felt more awake, alive, and confident than I ever had in my life! My mind was clear and I gained a sense of pride and began to love myself and what I had done for myself.

Now, with a 4 year old and a 1 year old, I’m certainly tired but I know it’s proportionately less than if I stayed on the same course I was on.  I rarely experience that “in a cloud” feeling, even after the worst of nights.  


Does any of this sound familiar?  Email me and tell me your story.

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