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5 things you can do to make healthy
(plant-based) eating EASY!

Success is 90% preparation, 10% execution
Below are my Top 5 ways to make healthy eating EASY.
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 I came out of the cloud that I was walking in and started to feel awake and in control of my life. 

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“If I eat less, I’ll lose weight.”


Deprivation doesn’t work for the body, mind, or soul. If you’re hungry, eat!  Let’s say you skip breakfast... by the time lunch rolls around, you’re starving and wanting to eat everything in sight. Then let’s say you do eat more than you intended - you end up feeling guilty, like a failure, and bad about yourself.  Fill your plate with nutrients and eat as much as your body wants and you’re going to be fuller faster and for longer.

Click here for my favorite way to stack your plate with nutrients.

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I never look at the calorie content in my food.  The major components I look at on a label (after I’ve made sure it’s vegan):

  • Low Saturated Fat                

  • High Fiber    

  • Low Sugar 

  • Low Sodium     

  • Moderate Protein                

  • Ingredients I recognize

Learn why fiber is so important.

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Carbs are NOT the enemy - I swear!! Your body NEEDS them to have the energy it needs. I eat plenty of bread, rice, pasta. The key to carbs? Eat the ‘right’ kind of carbs (whole, complex) and to pair them with healthy nutrients. Sandwich? Choose the healthiest bread out there; add avocado and hummus. Spaghetti? Add plenty of veggies and added nutrition (i.e. nutritional yeast, hemp seeds).

Click here to learn why I love and eat carbs.

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Fad diets just don’t work. You may feel healthy or reach your goal temporarily, but it rarely lasts and usually isn’t healthy to begin with. Until you’re ready to make a lifestyle change, it probably won’t be effective.

Learn about the diets I've tried and why they never worked

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Finding foods that you like by cooking them RIGHT makes all the difference! I hated broccoli for most of my life. I tried different ways of cooking it and found that roasted with salt, pepper, and nutritional yeast was actually delicious!  Try eating those taboo foods in different ways and you might be pleasantly surprised. 

Find out how I learned to love broccoli.

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