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5 things you can do to make healthy
(plant-based) eating EASY!

Success is 90% preparation, 10% execution
Below are my Top 5 ways to make healthy eating EASY.
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It can be so time-consuming to get those veggies chopped at cooking time.  So, right when I get home from the grocery store, I prep those veggies.  I wash, chop, and store them in mason jars so that when it's time to cook, I can just scoop them out and throw them in the pan!  

I do the same for my fruit.  At snack time, I don't want to be thinking about cutting up those strawberries... I want them READY TO GO!  Have those things ready and it's going to help prevent you from saying "I'll just order in" or "cookies for snack!"


Click here for my Plant-Based Snacking Empowerment Guide.

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What makes a meal go from boring to extraordinary?  It's all about the sauces!!  Sometimes it can seem daunting, but making a delicious sauce is so easy, even on the fly!  What's hanging out in the fridge?  Maybe those mushrooms have just one more day in them. Google "easy plant-based mushroom sauce."  You'll be amazed how many super easy healthy sauces you can find.  I've found many of my favorite sauces in this way. 

Message me for my 4 favorite starter sauces.

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You do NOT want to be making smoothies every single day (I did it for awhile and finally burnt out just before I discovered batch prepping!) Make enough for the week (or at least a few days) so that they are ready to go. SO time-saving!

My 3 favorite things to batch prep:

  1. Overnight Oats

  2. Smoothies

  3. Grains (rice and quinoa can be such a time suck at cooking time... why not make them early in the week so you have enough for multiple meals?)

Click here for my favorite smoothie recipe.

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Extra hungry? Craving something not-so-healthy?  On-the-go at snack time?  Have your snacks pre-bagged and ready to go.  Healthy bars (I like Larabars), bags of nuts, home made trail mix... take the temptation to grab something unhealthy by making it easy to grab the healthy stuff. 

Click here for my Plant-Based Snacking Empowerment Guide.

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Eating something not-so-healthy? Add the good stuff to balance it out. Eating something already healthy? Add MORE good stuff to make it even better for your body. 

Add hemp seeds or nutritional yeast to stews and stir fry.

Use brown rice or chick pea pasta instead of white pasta and add LOTS of veggies.

Having a vegan grilled cheese?  Use a super healthy bread and add avocado and hummus.

Click here for my top 5 pantry staples for eating plant-based.

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