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12 weeks to...

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Do you want to stop dieting and start making healthy decisions about what you eat so that you can feel proud when you look in the mirror?

Do you want your food to work with you instead of against you so that your body can be a source of joy instead of shame?

Are you sick of feeling guilty about what you eat and want to make healthy and satisfying food choices so that you don't feel constantly hungry and deprived?

Do you want to adopt a plant-based lifestyle so that you can feel in control of your health and empowered by your food decisions?

Would you love to stop feeling weighed down and foggy all the time so that you can unleash the best mom/wife/woman version of yourself?

The Plant-Based Path:

12 weeks of live personalized one-on-one advising


I felt like I was walking in a cloud most of my life.


I visited so many doctors over the years testing my thyroid, my iron levels, my sleep patterns. Nothing helped and not once did anyone recommend changing what or how I eat. 


I expected that when I went vegetarian in 2010, I would surely feel better. Not really. I expected that when I went vegan in 2012, I would surely feel better. Not really.


I always felt sluggish and my body stored fat. I was constantly hungry, sleepy, I hated my body, and I felt stuck.  I figured it was the way I was eating, but I didn’t know what to do and didn’t really have the motivation to do anything about it. 


This 12-week program was
made for you if:'re sick and tired of trying to diet and are ready to make a real lifestyle change for yourself and your body.

... you feel sluggish and foggy and struggle with deciding what to eat during the day. are overwhelmed by trying to figure out what "healthy" means and you aren't sure how to start changing. feel like you don't have time to eat healthy and need someone to teach you and make it easy. want to feel proud and grateful when you look in the mirror instead of guilty about the last thing you ate. need someone that will patiently teach you how to eat healthy and walk you through personalized steps to go plant-based.


This program ISN'T for you if:

You aren’t ready to change the way you eat.  

You don’t want to ditch dairy or animal products.

You don’t think you can do the work.


At 39 years old, I was 3 months pregnant after two miscarriages and something clicked inside of me.

Impending motherhood, turning 40, general disgust with how I was feeling.  I knew it was time to take care of my baby, and also to care enough about myself to change. So I researched, read, studied and I learned to let go of my lifelong food dependencies to transform my life. 


When I learned what to eat and how to eat, I had more energy, lost body fat, was more full at each meal, and felt more awake, alive, and confident than I ever had in my life! My mind was clear and I gained a sense of pride and began to love myself and what I had done for myself. 

Super Health Food

By the time we're done, you will...

  • Understand how to evaluate the healthy vs. unhealthy so that your body says thank you.

  • Have the tools you need to construct your plate fully around plants so that you feel in control of what is going into your body.

  • No longer have to wonder whether what you're eating is good for you so that you feel empowered by your food  choices.

  • Feel proud of all you've learned and the work you've done to benefit your own inner and outer self.

Most importantly...

  • FEEL MORE CONFIDENT in the grocery store, in the kitchen, in your body... in your own skin!


Hello!  I'm Audra.  

I’ve been where you are.

I’ve spent years trying to figure out what “healthy” means. I want to teach you how to eat and what to eat. I want to make it so easy for you because it wasn’t easy for me. 

I made mistakes, I fell into the pitfalls of all of the false information, unrealistic expectations, childhood patterns.

 And I learned. 


You don’t have to continue the way you’ve been going. 


You don’t have to feel overwhelmed by what goes into
your body.

You don’t need to try just another diet.


If you’re ready to gain control of your body and eating habits with a compassionate

health coach with you every step of the way, let's get started!

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What's included?

A 60-minute introductory video call

To talk about your health and diet history, goals, needs, and specific roadblocks in order to create your unique plan.

A customized program, created just for you

Based on our introductory calls and your specific goal, I'll develop clear weekly targets, homework, and strategies to keep you on track and moving forward without overwhelm.

One 45-minute video call at the start of each week

So that you can feel supported each week. We will discuss weekly topics, as well as get all your questions, concerns, and challenges addressed.

You'll get a recap of each call the next day.

One 20-minute mid-week video call per week

An optional check-in to see how it’s going and address any pitfalls, questions, wins. 

Refrigerator reboot

Evaluation of what's in the kitchen. And customized grocery shopping ⁣lists to make walking the aisles easier.

Personalized, practical tools & easy solutions

For you to use during the program and beyond.  Things like Food Label 101, snack ideas, easy breakfast options, tips for making meal time and snack time easier, sample meal plans. I'll help you tackle your own unique food challenges.

Quick & easy recipes

Let's make it easy with simple recipes. Plus hands-on training videos as needed!

Text messaging access for added support

For those in-the-moment questions you need help with! 

 100% commitment and dedication from me to you, every step of the way. 

If you’d love to gain power in your body and your life by going plant-based, I’d love to work with you!

Super Health Food
Let's do this!
Make conscious decisions about what goes into your body. 
Program Logo 2 copy.png

Week 1:

 Find your why.    


Goal visualization.

What’s in the way?

Week 2:

Food & lifestyle assessment


What are you eating?

What are your challenges?

Week 3:

 Label reading. Refrigerator reboot.


What's vegan?

What's healthy?

Week 4:

The Joy of soy.


Vegan Substitutions. Replace your favorites.

Week 5:

EZ tips.

Make meal time and snack time easier.

Week 6:

Recipe review.


Reducing recipe anxiety.



Week 7:

Let's talk tofu.  


Don't be scared of the tofu block.

Week 8:

Common social dilemmas.

Eating out.
Dealing with people.

How to not

feel alone in your journey.

Week 9:

 Recipe & meal review.


Practice practice practice.

Week 10:

Refrigerator re-assessment.


How are things looking?

Week 11:

New food & lifestyle assessment.


 NOW, what are you eating?

Week 12:



What's working?  What's not working?Next steps.


Week-by-Week Snapshot

*Will be customized for you.

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What to expect.

After purchasing, look for an email from me with a contract, survey link, and to schedule your in-depth introductory call.
Frequently Asked Questions
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Ready to do the work?

Schedule a FREE 45-minute Health Clarity  Call. Let's talk about your goals, whether we are a fit, and learn more about gaining Plant-Based Empowerment.

Thank you! I'll be in touch with you soon to schedule.


Questions?  Get in touch.

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(917) 815-5610

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