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What others say about working with me.

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When I started my journey with Audra, I was in a place where I knew I needed to make a change with my eating habits, but I had no idea how to start or what to do.  I have a number of different health issues, including RA, Fibromyalgia, Lactose Intolerance, no gallbladder, egg and almond allergy, severe GERD, and severe Sleep Apnea.


I already knew that digesting meat and dairy products was making me very sick throughout the day and I figured trying to go vegan may be the way to go.. So, I signed up for Audra’s 12-Week Plant-Based Path... and I am SO GLAD THAT I DID!


I didn’t realize how much dairy I actually consume!  I didn’t realize how many things have eggs and dairy in them!!!


She had it all organized!  And she taught me about the different types of milks and nuts out there!  We had two weekly meetings: the first meeting was near the beginning of the week where we made a plan for the week and she talked about different topics (i.e. Social Situations, Soy, Breakfast Ideas, Dinner Ideas, etc).  Then we had a quick meeting on Fridays to see how things were going, what was working, and what wasn’t!


She didn’t ever push me to go vegan.  She pushed me to take the time to understand what I was eating and why and how I can eat better for me.  She taught me about alternative ways to cook and prepare for the week.


Now that I’ve gone through the journey, I can tell you that her program has absolutely changed my life and my eating habits. I am currently vegetarian and still learning and working towards vegan.  MOST of my meals are plant-based and I’m probably 80% vegan at this stage with most of my oops being in social situations or when I’m stress eating.


So how am I feeling after changing the way I eat?  The best way to put it is that I feel “looser”! What do I mean? After I started eating this way, my digestion is WAY better.  It doesn’t hurt to go to the bathroom any more.  I don’t feel constipated all the time.  My IBS is less urgent.  I’m also not breaking out in hives as much and I’m less foggy!!!  My inflammation is WAY DOWN.  I DEFINITELY attribute it to my eating because when I DON’T eat vegan, I feel and get sick again.  If you have any of these conditions, the best way to describe the change is that I don’t feel like my insides are pushing my skin out... I don’t feel so big - like a balloon about to explode!  I feel looser.  I feel better.  


I will definitely be continuing this way of eating because it’s definitely right for me and I know it's because my body is telling me it is with the positive reactions above. 😊


I wouldn’t have even realized that I could help myself feel better through food without the organized and supportive guidance of Audra.  It’s a journey and Audra has shown me what to do, where to go for answers, and has given me a ton of support and laughs.


I HIGHLY recommend taking this journey with her.  You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!!  It’s totally worth it!!!



Vegan.  Never did I think I would use that term to describe myself. Up until a few years ago, I really knew nothing about being vegan except that it had something to do with being a vegetarian.


Growing up in an Italian household in NY, eating meat, cheese and dairy was a given, the norm. No one questioned it.  Everyone ate this way, right? Even though I really didn't like eating meat, I ate what my mom cooked and never thought I had a choice. 

As I grew up, I began educating and taking charge of my own health. I began questioning what I'd been taught to believe. But it wasn't until I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in my late twenties that I began doing more in-depth research. I started eliminating foods from my diet: soda-gone, diet soda-gone, milk-gone, red meat-gone, artificial sweeteners (especially aspartame)-gone. But I was still eating chicken, fish, and dairy (cheese and ice cream my favorites). I was toying with the idea of becoming a vegetarian but didn't want to give up chicken wings, chicken parmigiana, salmon, shrimp scampi, and ice cream.


Enter Audra Fuest. Her service spoke to me. I wanted to know more and even thought about possibly trying veganism, although I still really didn't know what it was. Through a practical step by step plant-based approach, Audra helped support me and guide me to a true healthy plant-based vegan lifestyle.


Audra started first by getting to know me and helping me get to know myself. Together we set realistic goals. We attacked my childhood beliefs and replaced them with plant-based facts, making me a healthier more confident person. She taught me how to read labels, find the hidden "dairy" in products and make healthier choices when grocery shopping. Week by week she guided and supported me, letting me set the pace that I was most comfortable with, yet challenging me to take another step toward my ultimate goal. Changing my diet, my beliefs, my recipes, and even my lifestyle was easier than I thought it would be with Audra as my personal coach and cheerleader.


My first time out to a restaurant as a vegan was scary. Ordering, asking questions about the menu and discussing my vegan choices went smoothly. I was armed with confidence and knowledge that I'd received from Audra during our sessions. Everything was a success! I couldn't wait to brag on myself the next time I spoke with Audra. And guess what? She made me feel like a rock star! Without her coaching and support I wouldn't be where I am today, fully vegan and feeling good.

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